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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So i totally forgot to post yesterday. But today has been a very craptastic day. woke up to -14f without wind chill and -30f with wind chill. Car couldn't start due to the weather and my block heater is gay and works when it wants. Stuck at home till it warms up more currently is -4! maybe we might break into the positives but that is only a hope. I will probably be adding pictures later on today and another post this evening. Missing work since my Ride has yet to show up and probably go workout later tonight! Yay for lifting weights!


  1. grew up in michigan, dont miss that shit

  2. so close to +numbers! it's -1 out right now... thats with out wind chill. Went out to my car after posting this and had slightly wet hair and it was frozen by the time i walked into the house.